First FC/Perforated filter ESP Rerofit Successfully commissioned for 210 MW Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant
On high resistive Indian Coal, Emission achieved 40 mg, using HFTR and Customised EPMS Controls.


Business dev and marketing KC Cotrell make FGD solution for Indian customers enabling lead bidders cooperation with techno electric and Sterling Wilson to jointly bid FGD tenders in India.


  • ESP Retrofit assessment and feasibility study at various power plants and proposal submission.
  • Signing exclusive Technology and Manufacturing license agreement with Wuhan Wuan Engineering Company China using ESP-FC solution for old Indian Power Plants.
  • ESP-FC technology is a unique solution for old ESP sites lacking space for meeting 2015 pollution norms facilitated and patronized by Prof. Wang Liqian. ERC introduces this solution in India via ESP OEM/Project Execution Contractors.


  • ERC organized state visit of Senior officials from WBPDCL to china for visiting ESP-FC Plants and WFGD Installations. Visit to 1000MW Power Plant in China for FGD Installation enabled understanding cost efficient Chinese FGD solution from Guodian and Beijing Longyuan.
  • ERC facilitated visit and discussion at Chinese highest authority on air pollution norms and development at SIPRI Nanjing. Director Professor Zhu who announces Chinese pollution policies exchanged his views for Indian FGD application.
  • ERC signs exclusive manufacturing agreement of FC products in india with Wuhan Wuan.
  • ERC signs exclusive Business Cooperation and representation agreement with Beijing Trustek for HFTR and EPMS solution for power plants.
  • ERC enabled First Contract for ESP-FC solution signed through Soil and Enviro for retrofits of 3x210 MW ESP at Kolaghat Phase 2.
  • ERC signs exclusive India representation agreement with Beijing Longyuan promoting their FGD solution for Indian tenders.
  • ERC facilitates and signs Tri-Partite Co-Operation Agreement with Tata Projects Limited and Beijing Longyuan for Sea water based FGD design and WFGD solutions in Indian tenders.
  • ERC senior members visits China for hands on training on FC/PF based ESP erection at various sites jointly with Beijing Trustek. Hands on operation of Specially developed SCADA based EPMS program at chine power plant.


  • ERC facilitates first FGD tender participation at GSECL Ukai and Sikka projects with Sterling Wilson Mumbai.
  • ERC facilitates business cooperation agreement for FGD tenders between SWPL and Beijing Longyuan.
  • ERC facilitates tender submition for FGD projects at WBPDCL sagardihi and UPRVUNL Anpara with Beijing Longyuan.